Outsourced CFO


Businesses that are growing continually are bound to reach a point where they require expert financial advice, but the cost of hiring a full-time controller can be quite an enormous onus.

Premium Tax Accounting Inc. has an experienced team of accounting professionals who have served as controllers for businesses for years. You’ll be on the receiving end from the proficiency of our handful of professionals, with a dedicated point of contact who will regularly be studying and assessing your business numbers.

Our outsourced CFO services, you will have assistance as required – part-time or short-term – for your business. These services can be utilized to elevate your business’ financial strategy by executing advanced forecasts or systems. Additionally, the services offered will come in handy to support your company to get control of a financial dispute, for instance, cash flow issues, or even to get through an occasion such as an audit or capital raise.

One of the many CFO services we will bring to your corporation is a higher degree of strategy making. Whereas other finance roles in your business revolve around maintaining past and current financial accounts, our CFO will have a focused, driven approach and will be working on the comprehensive short and long-term strategy of your business. Our outsourced CFOs are proficient in long-term forecasting and figuring out what, precisely, is required to help your business achieve continued progress.

Our services will also include financial forecasting, which by all means is one of the most significant tools an organization can have. It will be a detailed financial and operational roadmap that will elucidate steps the business has to take to improve its business prospects. A budgetary forecast necessitates analysis, procedure, and practicality. It requires a vital understanding of the present and future capacities of your organization and expertise of monetary calculations and trends, along with rigorous analysis of the competition within the ambitions of your industry.

Moreover, if your fiscal management software and internal processes are incompetent of keeping up with your progress, and are discordant with your business’s other processes, it may be high time to reassess. Our CFO services will help to examine your existing systems, evaluate your current and long-term needs, outline a systems mixture that will serve the best for your business’ present and future advancement. It will also essentially help to choose and negotiate with a provider, ensuring that the transition turns out to be a smooth one.

A forecast is usually a 5 to 10-year projection of expenses and operations, but a budget charts out in greater detail your estimated financials. Although it is relatively a briefer time band than the strategic forecast, a budget is significant for the routine operation and actions of a business. The budget helps to make timely and efficient financial decisions while ensuring that the company is on track to reach the agreed goals. Our services will make use of the financial forecast as a rolling budget to strictly observe that the financial progress of the company is in accordance with the goals of the company.

There is no denying that finances are essential to the daily workings of an organization, and financial reports update you on your current as well as future standings. Our outsourced CFO services not just consist of financial report facilitation but detailed interpretation too. It will be the duty of our in-house CFO to assess and analyze your reports and provide you with the most relevant information that aptly supports your business requirements. Thus, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to ask questions, re-strategize if required, avoid deviations, and to have access to the vital information needed to make strategic decisions. Your accurate financial reporting will also be in place via our outsourced CFO, who will be tasked to put an efficient reporting system in place.

Furthermore, raising capital can prove to be quite a laborious ordeal for an organization, but through our outsourced CFO services, we can make the entire process seamless. 

Our CFO services will also be ensuring that your existing accounting and financials are favorable to create positive conversations with potential clients and investors. We will also be providing not just the financial statements, but reports and other files for due diligence. Along with this, our CFO will fully assist you in structuring capital, which includes calculating how much financing will be essential and what should be the right mix of debt and equity financing, which would suit your business goals the best.

Also, if the business is in the process of hiring a full-time CFO, but for the time being is facing challenges, our interim CFO can provide the requisite support to your business in the meantime. It is very common for companies to recruit an outsourced CFO for a provisional role preceding the necessity for CFO who will be working full-time. In such instances, an outsourced CFO can not only provide as-needed CFO strategy and services as your company grows but can also help hire and orient a full-time CFO for your company.

Businesses face massive challenges of all sorts almost every day, and cash flow is one of the most common issues companies face. The solution to cash flow issues is certainly more than just merely cutting down on expenses and earning more revenue. To put it simply, understanding what the business is spending and where it is being spent, as well as knowing the costs, is essential for the growth trajectory of your business. Our outsourced CFOs will delve deep into your financial figures to identify ways on how to maximize your return.

How can we be of assistance?

This list discusses some of our services provided by our outsourced CFOs, who are highly skilled professionals. They are specialists in financial strategy, as well as industry analysis, optimizing systems, and maximizing profits. So if you’re challenged with cash flow problems, or seeking sustaining growth, or perhaps looking to achieve a pertinent objective, such as raising investment, our CFOs can assist you.