Tax Planning & Preparation


It is possible that your business has failed to file its taxes in the past few years. No matter what state your business taxes are in, we can assist your company in disentangling the web, so you are relieved of the constant worry, and relax. Moreover, for a business, it is well understood that one of their main priorities’ is to pay less money in the form of taxes. Truth be told, this can be achieved through in-depth tax planning. Your tax needs can be cared for, regardless of whether you are an individual or a registered company.

At Premium Tax Accounting Inc., we realize the significance of tax planning, and analysis is an essential part of our investment management strategies; therefore, our team goes beyond simply filing your tax return. After each meeting with our experts, you will have far greater insight into the filing process along with having a better understanding of how to stay on top of your taxes. We will render our support to help you become further involved in tax planning. Additionally, we will educate you on strategies related to your situation and work collectively to keep your business on track.

 The team will be working with you all year round to design a customized plan strategy that will be tax-effective; they will be personalized to your unique state. We will be offering individual, one-on-one service, and will be discussing everything related to tax return preparation. Alongside this, our team will provide advice, reassuring you that your tax return will be dealt with in the most efficient manner.

For business owners, it is not uncommon to wonder when would be the right time to dive into tax planning. Premium Tax Accounting believes that it’s always the right time, no matter when you start. You might be at the start or close of the tax year, but we will assist you in finding detailed and relevant strategies to lessen your legal tax obligations.

Our team is continuously updating themselves and is also quite diligent about staying up-to-date on the amendments in the tax laws. They will be examining and assessing the pool of the tax-saving opportunities which could be made available to you and benefit your company. 

Rest assured, we are wholly committed to lessening your tax obligations and increasing your future prospects—while we are strictly remaining in complete compliance with IRS laws.

We fully understand and staunchly believe in consistent and proactive planning, which, in our view, is the key to minimizing your business’s tax liability. Hence, do not give way, or any nook or cranny to tax surprises that could potentially affect effective management of your business.

Our team provides a comprehensive tax service offering, consisting of both individual and business tax preparation as well as extensive tax planning. Like mentioned earlier, we completely understand that proper, steady planning is the crucial factor in successfully reducing your business tax liability. Therefore, our team of experts have had a track of going beyond tax compliance and proactively suggesting tax-saving tactics to increase your company’s after-tax revenue.

Regardless of your business’s tax planning and preparation needs, we assure you that our experienced professionals have the expertise to fully support your business. As mentioned above, at Premium Tax Accounting, we work all year to stay current on tax statutes, in order to curtail your tax liabilities and maximize those opportunities, future has in store for you. In addition, we also offer a tax savings playbook, which is a tailored strategy book; this will essentially allow your business to save a further increased amount.

Hence, we take pride in ourselves for helping clients through advanced, rigorous, and systematic planning, which is essential for the growth of their business, and for meeting their long-term objectives. Through this streamlined planning, the business without difficulty can recognize all the currently available tax benefits to both their business and other stakeholders involved.

Our tax professionals will be representing your company or you as an individual before all the concerned authorities, in the capacity of a taxpayer advocate. This will include federal, state, or local taxing authorities.i f you wish to protect your business from lawsuits resulting from erroneous tax transactions and guard the revenue of the business against plummeting, or prevent the business from failing to comply with the current tax law, partner with us today and we will help you design strategies which will perfectly adapt to your growth.

Along with this, we will also be offering you constant tax services support. Due to this proactive approach, it will be ensured that your business does not fall in the trap of the expenses of unnecessary taxes or make mistakes, which may prove too costly for your business – all resulting from the provision of unprofessional service.

Our Tax Planning and Preparation Services include:

Income tax returns for business and personal

Offering Government reporting for NGOs, unions and Employee Benefit Plans

Offering estate planning

Assessment of tax implications from mergers, acquisitions, terminations, and liquidations

Representation throughout tax audits

Variety of suitable tax accounting methods Corporate and individual tax planning

Providing compliance services which include preparation of income tax and sales tax returns

Representing clients before tax authorities

Assisting legal counsel in preparing appeals

Providing international tax consultancy, this includes, tax on international transactions and counseling on taxation treaties

Will assist with sales tax matters – registration, de-registration, and valuation

Will attain advance ruling on proposed investments or corporate transactions

Will be establishing gratuity funds, provident funds, and several other employees benefit schemes and their approval from tax authorities.

Providing overall tax advice given the existing and evolving laws and decisions

We can also assist decision-makers of business with the timing of their business so they may anticipate possible tax surprises.

Premium Tax Accounting also offers professional expertise needed for below mentioned various tax events. They include:

Liquidation of assets

Timing of withdrawals from Social Security

In the event of premature death


Charitable giving/gifting